Monday, October 25, 2010

Eager to apply and be in action

The past two weeks of the Abreu Fellowship have been incredibly busy, between bringing in some amazing speakers, think tanking over important issues facing this movement, trying to integrate with the community at NEC, starting at our community placements, and trying to squeeze practice and/or sleep whenever we possibly can.

That being said - There have been so many wonderful ideas and concepts presented to us, that it leaves me feeling mentally paralyzed by the daunting task in front all us.

However, there have been some amazing stress relief periods where we have been able to apply some of the concepts we have learned on a local level (at our community placements), as a "conceptual task force" to address issues presented by a hypothetical situation and/or an organization looking to start a nucleo, and having the opportunity to play chamber music with the other fellows. The therapeutic stress release I feel from actually working with kids, applying the concepts, and playing music with the other fellows has reminded me of the personal balance of time distribution I need to maintain to stay sane.

We've been doing wonderful theoretical work and research. I think I'm just eager to start applying these concepts. I'm really looking forward to visiting Dan Trahey's OrchKids in Baltimore in a few weeks!

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  1. Stress relief is SO important - something for us to keep in mind as the challenges begin to grow! Please keep reminding us to take the time to enjoy being here in Boston, hanging out as a group (outside of the seminar room), and working with kids so we don't all go insane!!